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Sabertek offers our clients complete turnkey solutions, from initial concepts to final products, as well as contract manufacturing.

A fully integrated ISO9001 management system ensures that exceptional quality is maintained throughout every division within Sabertek. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology enables us to compete with the best in the manufacturing and sub-contract manufacturing markets.

Our personalised service combined with flexibility makes Sabertek the ideal strategic partner for your next product.

“We are there for you with every step from the idea development phase to design and prototype testing, our in-house engineering team is at your service.”

Engineering & Development

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Our Services Include

Engineering & Design

Our highly qualified team of engineers share a wide range of expertise in electronic-based product development. Our services are provided from the initial concept to a fully packaged and tested product. Our processes ensure that all predefined project requirements are met, within the necessary budget and time constraints.
Key focus areas of our engineering team include:

New Product Development

  • Conceptual Design
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Costing and Quoting


Hardware Development

  • Electronic Schematic Design
  • PCB Layouts
  • Analog and Digital Hardware Design
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Hardware Testing and Qualification
  • Enclosure Prototyping


Software Development

  • Embedded Software
  • PC Applications
  • Automated Test Applications


We have a combination of Manual, Semi-automatic, and Fully automatic paste machines, which enable us to cater to different applications. Through our reflow ovens we can perform lead-free soldering. Wave soldering machines are utilised for conventional components. Our skilled assemblers can solder SMD components and through-hole components which are often needed when building prototype products.

Consisting of high-speed pick and place machines, our SMD production lines can operate at a combined placement rate of 230 000 components per hour. The latest packages, such as Ball Grid Arrays (BGA), as well as 01005 components can be placed within an accuracy of 30 microns. The pick and place lines include 3D SPI and AOI.

We make use of the latest measuring devices or our fully customised testing jigs. Sabertek is well equipped to design and manufacture automated test equipment. This service is very useful to contract manufacturing customers.

After final assembly, our products are invoice per serial number to ensure full traceability.

Sabertek is flexible and can manufacture high volume as well as low volume production runs.

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Depending on the complexity of the product being manufactured, the following procedures may be implemented to ensure the design information is correctly transferred to our manufacturing facility:

  • Product readiness review
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Process design and work instructions
  • Production runs
  • Product validation
  • Automated test jig design
  • Third-party testing and approvals (CE and ICASA)
  • Test jig design and qualification


Our in-house procurement department is dedicated to sourcing the best quality component at the best possible price.

Logistics plays a crucial role in the on-time delivery of our products, this link in the chain is swiftly handled by our team in the procurement department, allowing us to compete at the forefront of our industry.

After-Sales Service

At some point after-sales services may be required, the following are some of the services we provide to assist our client:

  • Product packing
  • Product distribution
  • Full reworks centre
  • Warranty Control
  • Technical Support
  • Product Refurbishment